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Brian McEwan

I'm creating my own album in the hope that it might encourage other readers of the site to share their anecdotes, photos etc from the 50's which I'd like to include in the book 'A Hairst tae min' on' I'm presently working at. My email address is

Alford train stuck in snow Whitehouse Estate and Whitehouse Crags in background.
Alford School Football Team A photo of the Affard school fitba' team in 1955/56. Back row L-R: Royan Stewart, Ernie Murray, To...
Alford Players Cast of a performance given at Drumdelgie.
Adverts Station Garage and Wm. Coutts and Sons
Adverts John S. Stewart and Meldrum's Refreshment Rooms
Corrennie Dance Band L to R: Archie Nicol, Andrew Tremain, David Forbes, Sheena McKenzie.
Complete Cast of Cinderella The photograph shows the complete cast of the operetta, 'Cinderella', which was held in 1951, the ye...
Principal Characters of Cinderella The principal characters of the operetta,Cinderella,as follows:- Back row: ( l to r ) Eleanor M...
Dr Sempill's Wedding Presentation Some of the locals gathered to celebrate Dr Sempill's wedding in the Public Hall at Alford.
Vale of Alford Show Photographs from the Aberdeen Bon Accord and Northern Pictorial.
Alford Young Farmers outing Taken on top of Bennachie.
Billy Nicol's Band L to R: George Reid, Bill Nicol, Willie Nicol, Violet Nicol, Ethel Gray.
Alford School Trip to Belgium Forbes says: "I located the attached photo the other day which shows a group of Alford School pupils...
Alford Lasses at a Dance in the Public Hall This photo was taken possibly 1957 and shows a lovely line up of local Alford lassies at a dance in ...
Secondary Three, Alford Forbes writes: "This photograph shows my old class, Secondary 3, taken in the school's back playgrou...
The Howe in Winter This looks like the road down to Bandley from the A944. Bennachie can be seen in the background cent...
Whitehouse Railway Station Now replaced by Ron McLeod's house.
The Vale of Alford Photograph taken from Whitehouse Estate with Prospect Hill to left in foreground, and Alford itself ...
Alford Heritage Centre The former Mart.
The Howe of Alford from Balloch View looking north towards Bennachie.
Alford Heritage Centre and Museum A view of the former auction ring, now put to good use displaying an eclectic collection of items fr...
Alford, looking west Not much has changed!
Haughton House, Alford Sunday school photographs taken to right of the house (see Sunday School outing from Alford Parish C...
Alford postcard Showing Bridge of Alford, Main Street, Breda House, Haughton Arms Hotel and general view from south.
Local Adverts Read carefully who was appearing at the Alford Cinema....a famous name!
The Chipper in Greystone Road Proprietor W.J.Meldrum
Vale of Alford Bennachie in background. The Mart can be seen centre right.
Corner Shop, Montgarrie Road, Alford Murrayfield visible at far end of Montgarrie Road.
West End of Main Street, Alford Is that another wee Scotty being taken for a walk on extreme rhs?
St Andrew's Church, Alford Before the addition of the steeple.
Alford from south The two cottages each side of Kingsford Road in the foreground have been replaced by new builds in t...
Main Street Alford View looking west.
Local Traders An Advert showing local services in Alford.
Adverts Adam Reid and Son, and Station Garage
Adverts James Coutts (shoemaker) and James Watt, Commercial Garage, Insch.
Adverts Donald Gillies, and J.G.G. Barron.
Adverts John Adam, and W. Hay and Sons.
Adverts J Stewart (baker).
Adverts Coutts and Sons, Ailliam McCombie, John Skene.
Adverts Wm. Leask (plumber)
Adverts W.Smith, Adam Reid, George Simpson, James Wright.
Adverts Haughton Arms Hotel, James Gauld, George Philip.
Adverts James A Davidson and George Royan
Alford Main Street View looking west.
Alford Main Street View looking east.
Alford Main Street View looking east.
Alford Main Street View looking east. The connecting bus from Alford Station to Strathdon can be seen with a bicycle st...
Alford, Bridge Street Boys playing on bicycles and not a car to be seen, a rare sight these days.
Bridge Street, Alford Again, no traffic in this photograph. A view looking east.
Bridge Street, Alford Strathdon bus in view in this hand-tinted postcard.
MainStreet, Alford View looking east in this hand-tinted postcard.
MainStreet, Alford View looking west.
Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow Well that's a big job with just a shovel! View looking east. Photograph taken 22 January 1984.
Vale Hotel under snow Photograph taken 22 January 1984
Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow This was quite an accumulation. I have been told that the snow drifts reached the 30mph signs on the...
Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow This was a bad winter throughout the UK. View looking east. Photograph taken 22 January 1984.
Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow Interesting to note the lack of buildings on the left hand side compared with the same view now. Vie...
Aberdeen Bus Forbes writes: "...shows Dad, 'Dod' Watt and conductress,Lily Simpson (soon after to become Lily Jac...
Alford SWRI Band Forbes says: "Another from Mum's photo box shows Alford WRI band' also about mid 1950's Rear row...
Alford SWRI Choir Forbes Says: "Here's one from Mum's collection and shows Alford WRI choir, dated mid 1950's Back...
Vale of Alford in Winter with a Setting Moon Photograph taken 9 February 2009 after a week of snow showers and snow accumulation. Temperature at ...
Alford Vale in Winter by Moonlight Photograph taken 9 February 2009 at 6.00am using available light. It had been a very bright moonlit ...

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