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Millbank Farm, Alford
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Millbank Farm, Alford

Andy Shepherd writes:
....."attached is a photo of my father, Cyril Massie Shepherd (Ed. see image 1356). He lived on the Massie farm (Millbank) with his sister stella and his grandparents.....(this is) a photo of what we believe to be Millbank farm? We never visited Alford when my father was alive, which is a shame, but seeing all the images on the site is fantastic. "
Picture added on 05 April 2010 at 13:09
I can confirm the above picture is of Millbank Croft and photograph has been taken sometime after my my parents purchased the property May 1953. The Nissen hut (on the right side)was erected by my father and was an ex- MOD bunkhouse with some fantastic drawings on the walls. We removed the hut and most of the buildings when we built three new bungalows on the site 1978.
Added by Bill Reid on 20 April 2010
I belive my mother may have spent some time at this Farm in the 1950's. Her name was Betty Robb. Any information please to the email address shown below.
Added by Vicky Hutchinson on 28 April 2010
Thanks for your input Bill it is good to know that it is actually Millbank Croft as things are still very sketchy with my family's past in Alford.
Added by Andy Shepherd on 04 May 2010

I am Susan Shepherd, (now Dowswell). My father was William Shepherd, son of Robert? Shepherd and Martha Gilbert. If you have any more information, I would be delighted.
Added by Susan Dowswell nee Shepherd on 02 April 2011
Wondered if you're related to Robert Shepherd/Charlotte Hunter - Confunderland/Baadshalloch/Elphillock
Or Robert Shepherd/Elizabeth Davie - Craigmill
Added by Bob Michie on 27 February 2012
I was a war vacuee who lived in the village till 1954. I remember Cyril Shepherd visiting the village from Aberdeen where he lived in the Spital and was very taken with him!
Added by Eleanor Craighead (nee McGregor) on 27 August 2012
Hi, My great grandfather was called Hunter Shepherd apparently from Alford. G. Grandmother Margaret Donald Shepherd
Added by Carol Wright on 19 October 2012
Susan, we have a william shepherd who was 1 of 12 children to peter shepherd and barbara still, but no trace of Robert shepherd and Martha Gilbert, sorry.
Added by Andy shepherd on 28 February 2013
Bob,we have a robert shepherd born about 1887 in old machar Aberdeenshire. There is no mention of him marrying or even a date when he died.
Added by Andy shepherd on 28 February 2013
Carol, im sorry i have no records for either Hunter or Margaret Donald Shepherd
Added by Andy shepherd on 28 February 2013


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