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Alford SWRI Choir

Forbes Says: "Here's one from Mum's collection and shows Alford WRI choir, dated mid 1950's

Back row ( l to r ):- ?, Betty Christie, Mrs A Anderson, ?, ?, Evie Simpson
Second row (l to r):- Mrs J Reid, Mrs Rodgie, ?, Mrs J Masson, ?, Mrs F Brown,
Mrs McEwan, Mrs A Gray
Third row (l to r):- Mrs A Profet, Mrs A Watt, ?, Mrs W Smith, Mrs J Gordon,
Mrs C Cooper
Front row (l to r):- Mrs C Grant, Mrs W Marnoch, Miss C Lyon, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Adams,
Mrs W Smith, Miss Bunty Warrack.

Hopefully someone can fill in the gaps and possibly correct some of my name spelling."
Picture added on 08 February 2009
Back Row next to Mrs Anderson is Mrs R Nicol
Middle row next to Mrs Rogie is Mrs G Pirie and between Mrs Masson and Mrs Brown is Mrs C Adam (I think!)
My Mum was in this choir and I well remember the Excitement, for it beat a choir conducted by June Gordon Of Haddo House!!
Added by Willie&Isobel Balfour on 20 May 2009
Back row 1st on the left is Mrs Wright (Gibbie's wife), and the lady between Mrs Masson and Mrs Brown I think is Anne Crighton (Brig shop).
Added by Babs Beaton on 25 May 2009
I'm sure the woman in the back row between Mrs Nicol and Evie Simpson is Mrs. Stuart (the bobby's wife)
Added by Bill Smith on 19 July 2009
On the third row the lady between Mrs A Watt and Mrs W Smith is my auntie Mrs Doris Christie I think
Added by Doreen Watson on 20 October 2009

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