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The Chipper in Greystone Road
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The Chipper in Greystone Road

Proprietor W.J.Meldrum
Picture added on 18 August 2008
That wid be the late forties, jist efter the war, Bill Marnoch wis there afore that
Added by Alan Harper on 09 February 2009
Fit wis Bill Marnoch deein there afore John Meldrum?
Added by Brian McEwan on 10 February 2009
MMMM... yes another favourite and no mistaking this one
Added by Bill Reid on 13 March 2010
Brian wis asking fit Mr Marnoch wis deein in the chipper, he was the chipper afore he became a postie.
Added by Babs Beaton [nee Harper] on 15 March 2010
I remember this place quite well. when I was growing up it was owned by the Ellis family but still known as Meldys. I think it was a Glaswegian family who bought it from Mrs Ellis and it was still on the go at the same time as Franks fryer. Now turned into a house.
Added by Billy F on 01 September 2011
Dae ye mind fin you got a bag o chips for tippence, an icicle for a penny an a stick o liquorice for a haepenny. I used to work there in the fifties peeling tatties on Setterday mornings 9am to 12. (There wis a machine roon the back in a shed) for six bob. At fly time I aye got twa Abernety biscuits clapped the gither wi syrup a cup o tea an a Senior Service fag fae John. It jist aboot chokit me.
Added by Billy Smith on 09 September 2011
Sandy Gray also remembers working for John before being abruptly sacked for helping himself to an extra Abernethy. Meldies figures in my book 'A Hairst Tae Min'On'(life and times in Alford during the post-war years)due out in autumn. Let me have your email addresses if interested and I'll let you know when it's available.
Added by Brian McEwan on 10 September 2011
I can taste the wonderful chips even now!
It was during half time at the football matches that my grandfather (postie Mutch) would give my friend(Mary Milne)& I money to buy a bag of chips each. 1940,s
Added by Jean Gustavson (nee Mutch) on 28 May 2012
I worked wi John Meldie in the late 50`s He made his ain icicles for a penny, I got 10 bob for an aifterneen, £1 For a hale day. fitba nichts were great. John biked up fae Littltwood Pl. Good auld days
Added by Irene Paterson nee Murray on 14 January 2014


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