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Cast of a performance given at Drumdelgie.
Picture added on 17 August 2008
Back Row 1st left Isabella Marnoch (my aunt);next to her, Chris & Alec Gray (my Mum & Dad).Another aunt, Betty Stewart is 2nd left Front row.
Added by Isobel Balfour on 05 December 2008
This is definitely not 1925! Nanny Shepherd (front row, extreme right) would be about 110 if that were the case, and she's still hale, hearty and living at Bandley. I'd say more like late 1940s.
Anonymous comment added on 11 December 2008
Thanks for that information. The photograph was one of many without dates. In so many cases, since something has to be added to the date box to allow it to be uploaded, a guess is all that can be given. I think it is a salutary reminder to us all to fully document and label our own present day photographs so as to avoid problems for those faced with a similar task in future years!
Added by Jim on 11 December 2008
Back row 4th person is Leslie Mutch, the nurse is Bunty Warrack, lady with the glasses front row is Mrs Birnie I think
Added by Jimmy McCombie on 23 April 2009

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