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Forbes writes: "...shows Dad, 'Dod' Watt and conductress,Lily Simpson (soon after to become Lily Jack) taken by the front of their bus at either Alford or possibly Keig."
Picture added on 24 November 2008
Hi Forbes
My name is Iain Watt and my Granddad was James Watt (a coachbuilder in Aberdeen) who I believe built the first charabang (bus) to go on a commercial route and his cousin was the driver. Question, could this driver be your father who appears in this photograph?


Added by Iain Watt on 05 August 2011
Hi Iain
I've recently completed a book entitled 'A Hairst Tae Min' On' which is all about growing up in Alford during the 50's. Dod and his fellow drivers/conductresses figure in a section on the Alford buses. I hope to publish in autumn.
Added by Brian McEwan on 06 August 2011
Hi Brian
Thanks for your response. I would like to purchase your book 'A Hairst Tae Min' On' when it comes out. Could you please let me know the cost when it comes out. By the way, I grew up in Insch, and my father was the District Sanitary Inspector, Bob Watt. I bought a racing bike from the local plumber in Alford in 1948, apparently both of his sons were killed in action in the Second World War, shot down over Europe, unfortunately I can't remember his name. You may remember him. My dad was brought up on a croft in the Torries O' Tough and both he and my mum are buried in the Tough Kirkyard as are my Grandparents and Great Grandparents. The croft was owned by Alex and Minnie McLennan. I now live in Australia. My email address is Cheers Iain
Added by Iain Watt on 07 August 2011
Hi Brian, Please make it known when your book is on the shelves as it is a "must" for a quine brought up in the village. Rory was in my class at school. Cheers Babs Beaton (nee Harper)
Added by Babs Beaton (nee Harper) on 07 August 2011
Hi, Iain

Thanks for the comment but I can safely say that your grandfather's cousin was not my father. However, I seem to remember Dad mention once that he was one of possibly three drivers with the same surname so it could well have been one of the others. It would have been nice if it had been him because he would certainly have been proud of such a 'milestone', as would I.

Added by Forbes Watt on 08 August 2011
The local plumber who lost his sons in the war was Mr Comfort.
Added by Billy F on 01 September 2011
Thanks Billy
You are correct. I bought that bike in 1947 when I was ten years old, I had just started First Year Secondary at "Insch Junior Public School" Query, did or even do you know any of my family as they are still living in the Lumphanan Area?
Added by Iain Watt on 02 September 2011
Great to see the comments your original photo has generated Forbes! Thanks for your interest in my forthcoming book Babs and Iain - I'm presently editing the first proof and will keep you updated if you let me have your email address (Babs). Mine is
Added by Brian McEwan on 06 September 2011
I have very similar photos of my grandfather in front of his bus in Aberdeen. I do not know how to attach them - but then they are Aberdeen not Alford.
Added by Carol McIntyre on 13 October 2011
Hi Carol,

I'd be interested to know your grandfather's name.
Was he an Alford driver?
Added by Forbes Watt on 19 October 2011

My grandfather's name was William Findlay (1885-1967). There is definitely a connection to Alford but I have yet to find it. The nearest I have come is Bob and Maggie Spark who lived at Howeford Iverurie. I visited them a lot in the 1950's. Maggie was my grandfather's sister. However, as far as I know my grandfather was a bus driver in Aderdeen. I have a picture of him in front of the Kincorth Circular and the Torry bus.
Added by Carol McIntyre on 20 October 2011
Thanks, Carol, I thought perhaps my dad may have known him but it sounds like your grandfather was a driver with the Aberdeen Corporation Transport. However, I would have probaby travelled in his bus more than once as my granny lived in Kincorth and I used the Kincorth Circular a lot, especially after the trams to the Bridge of Dee had gone.
Added by Forbes Watt on 20 October 2011
Hi Forbes

My grandfather was on a driver on the trams before he was on the buses. My granny also lived in that area - they had a house on the Nigg Brae.

Did you, by any chance, know the Sparks of Howeford Inverurie?

Added by Carol McIntyre on 21 October 2011
No, Carol, I'm afraid not.
Added by Forbes Watt on 27 October 2011


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