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The Davidson Family at work on Upper Balfour A well earned fly cup! L to R: John Davidson, Victor Davidson, Andy Davidson, Rosie McDonald (Davi...
Bandley Mill Fred Sheperd snr overseeing the water powered saw. Bandley Mill was renovated a few years ago.
Corrennie Dance Band L to R: Archie Nicol, Andrew Tremain, David Forbes, Sheena McKenzie.
The staff of Keig Shop and PO I'm happy to report that so many of the photographs I have scanned ready to upload to this site are ...
Kirkton of Tough View from south.
Turning hay on Howe of Alford From Harold Fraser collection.
Steading on Howe of Alford From Harold Fraser's collection.
Shooting Party near Alford From Harold Fraser's collection. L to R: Bill Forbes, Bill Borthwick, Joe Reid, Jimmy Ewen, Sandie...

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