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Haughton Garage with Morris Minor
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Haughton Garage with Morris Minor

Picture added on 21 August 2008
I have a feeling this is Haughton Garage in Montgarrie Road (ex Bill Mathers), not Donside Garage in Donside Road (now Donside Heating Supplies).
Anonymous comment added on 26 December 2008
So, who is correct....the original contributor or the originator of this anonymous comment?
Added by Jim on 26 December 2008
It has got to be Haughton garage - look at the hill behind the actual garage.
Added by Billy F on 28 December 2008
I agree, duly altered...but we'll probably get a whole host of comments arguing the contrary...
Added by Jim on 28 December 2008
The background fits the Haughton Garage, but it was built by Ferguson Tractors, looks like a petrol pump out front, that they never had. Donside sold Regent petrol in Jim McWilliams time there. So ??? The Fergie mechanic was Sandy Ingram (Ingins) Fae Knowehead Cottage
Added by Alan Harper on 28 December 2008
Just found your website via The Donside Piper that I have delivered weekly (about a week late getting here to Australia). We've been away from Alford a long long time but still an Alford loon at heart, and it's definitely Haughton Garage Montgarrie Road
Added by Bill Reid on 13 March 2010
Yep, I'm sure that'as Bill Mather's garage as well. I can remember the structure of the gable end of the far shed. Right beside it was where the blue Landy pick-up used to be parked.
Added by Andy Ewen on 26 May 2011
I now live in Australia & what a wonderful surprise to find this photo. I'm certain this is Haughton Gargage. My Dad, Bill Mathers owned this gargage for many years & did extend it greatly from this picture. I have so many happy childhood memories of this gargage. One of my fondest is standing around the heater on a cold winter day with the local farmers, listening to them chatting & the strong sweet smell of silage in the air. I live in Australia but Alford still holds my heart!
Added by Aileen Grant ( nee Mathers) on 17 January 2012


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