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Corner Shop, Montgarrie Road, Alford
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Corner Shop, Montgarrie Road, Alford

Murrayfield visible at far end of Montgarrie Road.
Picture added on 20 August 2008
Photo shows Victoria Buildings,Donside Road,Alford. Grocer at the time was J.J.Wright.Bakers shop to left of same building was occupied by the other Stuart brother who was also a baker.First floor flat was occupied by J.T Murray and his wife and children from just after they married in the 1920's until they moved to Esset Bank,Montgarrie,J.T.Murray was vanman for J.J.Wright
Added by Gordon Wackett on 25 July 2011
I am a descendant of David Stewart the baker's wife Mary. She was my Great Great Grandmother. (note spelling of the name!) David Stewart was her second husband. The surname is spelt'Stewart' and not 'Stuart'. They started the Bakery business in Alford which was carried on by their son. Spelling the name as 'Stuart' may confuse family historians researching this family.
Added by Valerie Gordon Jones on 27 August 2011
Stuart,Stuert,Steuart,Stewart, depends on how far back you want to go,I am led to believe.Humblest apologies,but can you clarify the baker situation in Alford? One of my teachers at Alford School was "J" Simpson Stewart's wife,they occupied the bakers shop next to the bank,was he your uncle?
Added by Gordon Wackett on 28 August 2011
I will check my family records and update you, although it may be a couple of weeks or so time. It is a fascinating family story which I have researched extensivley. A Charlotte Simpson married into the Stewart family so your teacher must have been a descendant, but I will check and let you know definitely. I believe 3 generations of Stewarts ran the Bakery, up until the 1970's and there were 2 shops. I have loads more details and pictures if anyone is interested.
Added by Valerie Gordon Jones on 29 August 2011


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