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Haughton House, Alford Sunday school photographs taken to right of the house (see Sunday School outing from Alford Parish C...
Alford postcard Showing Bridge of Alford, Main Street, Breda House, Haughton Arms Hotel and general view from south.
Gin I was God Poem by Charles Murray, the Alford poet, from "A Sough O' War (poster in Murray Room at Alford Heri...
West Kirk, Alford (originally labelled as Keig? ) Is this a Sunday school gathering or perhaps celebrating Empire Day or May Day (look at the garlande...
Sermon in Doric Part of a parish magazine perhaps? A Highland Sermon on Jonah and the whale, with a final reminder o...
Local Adverts Read carefully who was appearing at the Alford Cinema....a famous name!
Kingsford House A beautiful hand tinted card of this fine property.
The Chipper in Greystone Road Proprietor W.J.Meldrum
The Lang Stracht, Alford Quite a contrast to today, with houses on lhs and golf-course on rhs
PO at Sinnahard, Alford Alick Ingram proprietor.

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