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Donside Farmers' Dance Second row first on left Charlie Thomson (Knowhead), second from left John Walker (Westside, an auct...
Alford Inter WRI Bulb Show Mrs C.N. Leith-Hay presents the cup to Mrs Thomson
The Alford WRI Players "The Friendly Shop"
Engrossed! Mr Emslie, Balfluig, Alford, reading a copy of the North British Agriculturalist.
Main Street, Alford Taken from the Haughton Arms.
Alford Farmers' Dance See also image number 1265.
Alex Morrison's Photographic Equipment This photograph shows the Micro-Press camera, Braun flash unit and darkroom enlarger used by Alex Mo...
Millbank Farm, Alford Andy Shepherd writes: ....."attached is a photo of my father, Cyril Massie Shepherd (Ed. see image ...
Water Pump in Alford Water pump at the rear of Fernbank, Alford.

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