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The Donsiders L to R: Archie Nicol, Charlie Dey, Ian Smith, Alice Lawson, Jimmy Malcolm.
The Alford Fiddlers Some of the present day group of musicians at a practice session at Alford Heritage Centre. L to R...
Corrennie Dance Band L to R: Archie Nicol, Andrew Tremain, David Forbes, Sheena McKenzie.
Billy Nicol's Band L to R: George Reid, Bill Nicol, Willie Nicol, Violet Nicol, Ethel Gray.
Local musicians Miss Royan, Messrs Royan and Nicol. This photograph also appears in the SWRI sponsored publication f...
Original handwritten music score by PM J. McHardy Tibbie was Jimmy McHardy's faithful sheepdog who won many prizes. Jimmy McHardy wrote this tune afte...
Alford Players Cast of a performance given at Drumdelgie.
Sandy Coutts Dance Band In Towie Hall in the 1960s. L to R: Sandy Coutts, Harold Alexander, Lena Garden, Helen Wyness.
Souvenir of Empire Pageant frontcover Performed by a large contingent of players from Whitehouse and surrounding area. Contains list of pl...
Pageant of Empire List of contributors giving addresses.
A call to arms from a Pageant of Empire Extreme right is PM Jimmy McHardy.

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