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East Haybogs View from south east. The remains of hut circles are recorded for this area.
East Kintocher Craigievar Castle in distance.
Balfluig Castle Apparently once near enough to a second castle that the owners were wont to fire arrows at each othe...
Lynturk, Tough A possible glacial meltwater channel, one of many dotted around the Howe of Alford.
Leochel Burn at Muir of Fowlis Taken from bridge looking north east.
Little Lynturk On road between Tough and Muir of Fowlis.
Galla How, Tullynessle Glacial meltwater channel.
Pitoothies Belt Detail of Medieval rig and furrow plough marks preserved in the plantation belt...a ridge can be see...
Oddly carved stone balls from Aberdeenshire Strange carved balls like these, originally found in and around Donside but now displayed in the Nat...
Cross incised stone near Tertowie A possible early Christian cross similar to ones found at Kinord.
Winter evening near Cullerlie View towards Deeside with flanks of the Hill of Fare to extreme right.

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