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Oddly carved stone balls from Aberdeenshire
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Oddly carved stone balls from Aberdeenshire

Strange carved balls like these, originally found in and around Donside but now displayed in the National Museum of Scotland at Edinburgh, are, from time to time, unearthed in this part of North East Scotland. What was their purpose? There are many suggestions but no-one really knows......a symbol of power held like a mace?....a device passed around a governing council allowing the holder a turn to speak?.....part of a long forgotten game?......a universal ball joint for an ancient carriage (I'm not serious, but who knows!)?
Picture added on 19 September 2008
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Prehistoric stones and stone circles
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Or possibly halls for a bolas? Check out the South American ones. They were covered in hide which shrank to fit. The lines could have been where the plaited hid ropes fitted, the designs for identification of the thrower and hence the owner of the catch. A bolas is a primitive hunting tool for catching game.
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Prehistoric stones and stone circles

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