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Harvest at Whitehouse The Smith family (Netherton Farm) combining.
Deeside Activity Centre 4X4 Open Day Well, I got this one wrong didn't I....a rescue was at hand 'though!
Deeside Activity Centre 4X4 Open Day ....and a delicate balancing act that was more difficult than it looked.
Luath's Stone, Whitehouse Here viewed from the north. Possibly a prehistoric boundary marker. Sometimes mis-associated with Ma...
Winter in the Howe of Alford One way to get about when the roads are blocked!
No, it's nae Switzerland! Skiing party ready for the off at the Lecht!
Wade Bridge at Glen Gairn One of General Wade's famous bridges....well strictly speaking a Major William Caulfeild Bridge (Cau...
Luath's Stone, Whitehouse Strange shape and markings on the western face of the stone. Luath may be a corruption of the Gaelic...
The Suie View from road summit looking north east.
Whitehills stone circle Flanker and recumbent viewed from west.

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