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Strachan the Tailor at Montgarrie
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Strachan the Tailor at Montgarrie

Picture added on 07 August 2008
Hello there, Im just wondering who put this photo on here and if anyone knows who any of the people in it are other than me!!!! My cousin Meg has the same photograph and the only person she knows is the man fifth from the right with the jacket to the right of his head and where the wall meets the door. That man is George Proctor who lived with his family at Braeside farm, Keig. In later life he moved to Glasgow and had his own tailors shop and is buried in the tradesmans cemetry at Glasgow Cathedral. Meg knows this as George is one of her fathers James Proctors brothers and she showed me this photo when I was researching my PROCTOR FAMILY HISTORY.
Added by Geoff Wright on 27 December 2009


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