Alford Image Library

Australian Emigrees and their Relatives from the Alford Area

These photographs were sent from Australia and are thought to contain images of members of the Milne, Cowe, Kemp, Lawson, Soutar, Cumming, Glennie families. Help with identification would be gratefully received by Ron and Berice Lawson and other members of the families mentioned.
Unknown children Possibly from the Alford area and amongst photographs in the possession of Milne/cowe relatives?
Membership Card for Scotch Girls' Friendly Society The member card would have belonged to Jane Milne who married William Cowe in Australia - c1903
Unknown Photograph taken by Clarke & Son, Buckie.
Unknown Could this young man be a relative of the lad in image 1013?
Broadley Farmhouse Date unknown. Location unknown other than name of property.
Unknown couple Photographer is J. Collier, Aberdeen
Unknown couple Photographer John Smith, Alford.
Unknown group at Unknown location Does anyone recognise the location? The inscription above the doorway says "Bydand".
Unknown Photographer Auld, Ellon and Huntly.
Unknown girls Photographer Clarke, Huntly.
Unknown Photographer R. Henry, Carnoustie.
Unknown Photographer

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