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Broadley Farmhouse
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Broadley Farmhouse

Date unknown. Location unknown other than name of property.
Picture added on 16 April 2009
It looks very similar to the house at the bottom of Gordon Road / Montgarrie road, next to the Doctor Surgery?
Added by Sarah on 25 August 2009
I agree Sarah, a fairly standard pattern as far as Scottish farm houses are concerned, but the one you refer to was built for Charles Murray's father, and I don't think it is the same one....the key is in the name "Broadley"....I couldn't find this on any maps and am beginning to wonder if it might be a mis-spelling/mis-reading of something like "Bandley"?
Added by Jim on 26 August 2009
Anyone remember Eleanor McGregor who was a war evacuee?
Anonymous comment added on 12 September 2009
I remember an Eleonor McGregor but wasn't aware she was an evacuee. Lived with Stewart's who had bakers shop, (what we called the bottom bakers) as Stewarts also had bakers shop next to where Spar used to be.
Added by Babs Beaton on 18 September 2009
There is a farm named Broadley at Kildrummy. It is on the back road between Kildrummy and Lumsden. It looks similar but it is some time since I was there, so I am not sure about how the house looks.
Added by Doreen Watson on 20 October 2009
Broadley Farmhouse, Kildrummy - located off the Honeybarrel Road
Anonymous comment added on 06 December 2012

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