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Posters and Adverts

Odd poster This looks as if it might have been a poster used in a number of locations or situations. What was i...
Sermon in Doric Part of a parish magazine perhaps? A Highland Sermon on Jonah and the whale, with a final reminder o...
Local Adverts Read carefully who was appearing at the Alford Cinema....a famous name!
Local Traders An Advert showing local services in Alford.
Adverts John S. Stewart and Meldrum's Refreshment Rooms
Adverts Adam Reid and Son, and Station Garage
Adverts Station Garage and Wm. Coutts and Sons
Adverts James Coutts (shoemaker) and James Watt, Commercial Garage, Insch.
Adverts Donald Gillies, and J.G.G. Barron.
Adverts John Adam, and W. Hay and Sons.
Adverts J Stewart (baker).
Adverts Coutts and Sons, Ailliam McCombie, John Skene.

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