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Odd poster
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Odd poster

This looks as if it might have been a poster used in a number of locations or situations. What was it advertising? A village dance maybe?
Picture added on 14 August 2008
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Is that terrace Berry Row (Donside Road, Alford) on the right? - before the mansard roofs were added.
Added by Ray Peat on 14 August 2008
Yes I think you may be right, Ray. The road was pretty rutted by the looks of things. Bob Henderson thinks this was possibly a spoof advert and that the poster was in the form of a template to which specific details could be added.
Added by Jim on 16 August 2008
Perhaps the text of the poster was a reference to the play
"Wanted: 1000 Spirited Young Milliners for the Gold Diggings!"
A farce in one act, by J. Stirling Coyne from 1852.
Added by Astrid Hess on 03 June 2009

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