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Tullynessle School The school run was a feature of life even then!
Tullynessle School Front row kneeling extreme left is one of the Lumsden children from Terpersie.
View from Lethenty towards Redhouse Coilochbar Hill on rhs with the top of Morven behind and the slopes of Pressendye to the lhs. The...
The Grassick Family at Cairncosh, Tullynessle See letter detailing garden party at Whitehaugh House.
Re-opening of Tullynessle Hall Willie Lawson with scissors cuts the tape, watched by Philip Duncan.
Galla How, Tullynessle Glacial meltwater channel.
Handing over the new keys to Tullynessle Hall September 2008 L to R: Morag Watson, Drennan Watson, Graham Nicol, Olga Evans, Edna Matthews, An...
Tullynessle and Forbes Hall Reopening Ceremony 16th November 2008, Patty Cahill (Chairperson of the Hall Committee) thanks all those who have helpe...

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