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Newspaper article on unveiling of plaque to WRS This article describes the unveiling and service of dedication for the plaque in remembrance of Will...
The Unveiling of the Plaque to William R. Smith See images 1091, 1090 and 1088.
Smith Tombstones at Keig Parish Kirk Tombstones erected to the memory of William Robertson Smith (see also images 1088, 1090, 1091 and 10...
William Robertson Smith's Grave See also image 1093.
Grave of the Smith family at Keig See also images 1094 and 1093.
United Free Church at Keig Now sadly no longer extant.
United Free Church at Keig See also images 1096 and 1098.
United Free Church and Manse at Keig See also images 1096 and 1097.
Former United Free Church at Keig Shown as photographed by Astrid in the presence of Rev John Cook (first right) just prior to its dem...

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