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Unknown Photographer G.Penny, Duke Street, Huntly.
Unknown interesting garb which is difficult to date, but the boots look to be from the very early C20th. Rou...
Unknown What a beautiful young lady! Photographer Middleton, 181 King Street, Aberdeen.
Unknown Photographer J.Penny, Aberdeen.
Twa Alford Loons and a Boxcairt Well perhaps these two were destined to become joiners.....Les Murray and Ian Smith with an early pr...
Wedding Presentation to Dr Sempill and Wife L to R: Mr William McDonald (former slater), Dr Sempill (later to be Sir Ewan Forbes), Isabella Semp...
Presentation to Nurse Royan Nurse Royan (fourth from left) was the Alford District Nurse under Dr Sempill (second from right). ...
Jimmy McCombie Jimmy seen working on J.Ingles Hairdressing Shop in Alford.
Jock Shephard Jock driving his 1932 Lagonda
Jimmy Ley Jimmy seen demonstrating why he was sent to South Korea with the Cameron Highlanders.
Alford Friends Evelyn Gray, Simpson Forbes, Davina Shepherd, Jimmy Henderson and Grace Wright.

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