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Sign to Tillyfour Farm, Tough William McCombie's farm where the Aberdeen Angus breed was developed.
Rowan Tree and Commemorative Plaque at Tough kirk Plaque and rowan tree planted over William McCombie's grave in 1983 by a delegation of Texas Aberdee...
Commemorative Plaque in Tough kirkyard Plaque to William McCombie and all those who helped develop the ABerdeen Angus breed.
Balfluig Castle Fully restored.
Forbes Arms Hotel Also known as "The Brig" or "Briggie". Notice the alteration to the front doorway since the earlier ...
Grampian Transport Museum Vehicle Rally Crowds watch as some of the many vehicles held at the Museum are driven in the arena.
Grampian Transport Museum Vehicles being driven around the arena circuit at the annual vehicle rally.
Grampian Transport Museum BAA airport fire-engine and motorcycle and sidecar (riden by former TT rider Alex Keith of Alford if...
Grampian Transport Museum Ferrari on show inside the Museum.

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