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West End of Main Street, Alford Staff of Coutts and Sons watching. Not Bridge Road as labelled.
The Cyclist's Rest, Alford Now a well known hostelry selling a different type of refreshment! You don't see many cyclists there...
Alford Train Station staff L to R: A.Adam, W.Angus, A.Lorimer, J.Anderson, A.Coutts, A.Smith, A Birnie (signalman and poet), W...
Crowded streets in Alford What was going on here? Was it a market day, a public meeting (perhaps to discuss a new housing esta...
Chauffeur Is this the chauffeur at Whitehouse?
Milton of Cushnie PO Proprietor Alec McCombie.
The "Greetin" Market at Alford Was this the annual gathering referred to at Meikle Endovie?
Muir of Fowlis PO That's a fine new bike. I wonder if that was the point of the photograph?
Muckleton, Tullynessle John Forbes and plough horses

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