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Margaret Thomson

Margaret Thomson, conductress with Alexander's Buses, pictured at No 7 Littlewood Place, Alford.
Picture added on 07 October 2008
Quite a few bus drivers used to stay on Littlewood Place as well. Ronnie Fraser, Ian Harper and Johnnie Dow all lived on the street.
Added by Big Nick on 08 March 2009
You can also add Dod Watt to that list as he lived at the bottom of Littlewood Place at 21 Montgarrie Road but a large part of his garden bordered Littlewood Place.
Added by Forbes Watt on 12 March 2009
I grew up very close to Littlewood Place and I think I can remember all the house occupants,
Starting bottom left,
Alan Harper - Postie (family still in house)
Les Mutch - Milkie
Dod Ellis - Chipper (family still in house)
Mr Adams - joiner (family still in house)
Sandy Fraser - mechanic
Mr Ed Smith - Scaffie
Ronnie Fraser - bus driver
Iam Mitchell- council (family still live there)
Sandy shearer - council - family still live there
Bill Fordyce - janitor
Cross The Road Now and going back down
Dick Cruickshank - plasterer
Ian Harper - bus driver
John Meldrum - run a clothes factory (?)
Dennis Penny - water board
Jimmy Harper - lorry driver (family still lives there)
Gordon ??? - was a baker

This is all at least 35 years ago.

Added by Big Nick on 15 March 2009
You forgot Alan Harper (Ian's twin) was also a bus driver.Lived at No 1 Littlewood Pl.
Added by Babs Beaton. on 15 March 2009
The baker's name at the end of Big Nick's list is Gordon Young. He and his wife, Hilda, and son, Roy, were our next door neighbours on the Littlewood Place side.
Added by Forbes Watt on 15 March 2009
The baker in Littlewood Place was Gordon Young.
Added by Elizabeth Johnstone (nee Watt) on 15 March 2009
Hello there, can anyone tell me a bit more about Margaret Thomson? Was she originally from Alford, was she married here / did she get married / have any children? Just interested as doing my family tree. Thanks.
Added by Tracy Buchan on 10 August 2014


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