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The Alford Bull

A collection of photographs linking the story of William McCombie, the Aberdeen Angus, and the Alford Bull sculpture.
The Alford Bull The wonderful village mascot and a regular tourist attraction. See other photographs of same subject...
Plaque giving details of the bull. Sculptor David Annand, casting Powderhall Bronze, Edinburgh.
Sign to Tillyfour Farm, Tough William McCombie's farm where the Aberdeen Angus breed was developed.
Rowan Tree and Commemorative Plaque at Tough kirk Plaque and rowan tree planted over William McCombie's grave in 1983 by a delegation of Texas Aberdee...
Commemorative Plaque in Tough kirkyard Plaque to William McCombie and all those who helped develop the ABerdeen Angus breed.
The Alford Bull Showing the plaque to the memory of William McCombie in the background.
The Alford Bull Just like one of those portrait paintings that appear to watch you from whatever angle you view, so ...
William McCombie of Tillyfour Polished granite with etched image of William McCombie at the Alford Bull Statue at Alford.
Mason's marks at Alford Bull Monument One of two plaques giving information on the mason involved with this project. This first plaque sta...
Mason's Plaque at Alford Bull Monument The second plaque states "Mason George Cartney, Auchnagatt" (see also image 819)

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