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David Kemp and family
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David Kemp and family

See also image 976.
Picture added on 12 April 2009
I would put the year of this photo nearer 1880. Young Ann was born in 1879 and I would say she looks no more than 4/5 yrs old here. William on the far left married my G Aunt Margaret Kemp from Lumphanan. I've never been able to establish a blood relationship between the woollen mill Kemps and my Lumphanan branch, although I'm sure there must be one.
Added by Kath MacDonald on 15 January 2010
My Grandfather was Robert Kemp from the woollen mill at Cragievar. My brother did some family history a few years ago. Will have a look at some info as I'm sure someone got married in Lumphanan.
Added by Gladys Rowe on 19 March 2010
You are probably right on the date, Glady's - I would like to acknowledge the source of this photograph - it was very kindly given to me by Linda Webster whose grandmother was Jane Bruce Kemp (m. Alexander Anderson). JBK was my gt grandmother. I then added the names and dated it before distributing it around the Kemp family
Added by Ian Aitken-Kemp on 26 September 2011
Thinking about the date again, Jane Bruce Kemp, my gt grandmother, was born in 1881 but is not in the photo. That would suggest it dates to between 1881 and 1884. At some point they left Mill of Craigievar and went to Wester Beltie farm, Torphins but presumably the photo was taken at Mill of Craigievar.
Added by Ian Aitken-Kemp on 31 December 2011
Alexander Taylor Kemp was my Grandmother's father. My grandmother and grandfather are family to these people who moved to Canada when they were 19. The five children were born in Vilna Alberta Canada.
Added by Bev McCarthy on 23 September 2012
Hi Bev, Just picked up your comments. Which Alexander Taylor Kemp was your gt.grandfather ? My earliest ATK was b. 1844, his son Alexander was b. 1864 and his son, also ATK, was b. 1893. I also have an ATK, son of Albert K and grandson of the 1844 ATK, who was b. 1887
You can email me on if you wish.
Cheers, Ian
Anonymous comment added on 14 November 2012
I have this photo sent from Bill Lawson in Australia. Postie Lawson, read about him. I will email you and share more. I believe they from Peter and also another person in Moray Scotland.
Added by Bev McCarthy on 04 January 2013


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