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Alford Primary 1
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Alford Primary 1

Back row left to right: ?, Alexander McCombie, Alan Craik, Melvin Gordon, Fraser Cruickshank, Arthur Benn;

Second Back: Alistair Murray, Nigel Hird, Catherine Wilson, Kay Stewart, Anne Esson, Mandy Harper, Pamela Laird, Susan Smith, Robert Gordon, Billy Florence;

Second Front: Kay Penny, Vanessa Riley, Elaine Durno, Lynn Cockburn, Wendy Harper, Valerie Robb, Irene Anderson, Carol Brands, Evelyn Murdoch, Edith Reid, Meryl Forsyth, Alexis Gillies;

Front row: Keith Adam, Kenny Lyne, Kevin Fraser, Donald Anderson, Billy Mathers, Raymond Porter
Picture added on 01 March 2009
I was amazed to come across this picture. Funny picture of all of us staring into the sun an making wonderful faces. The date and class isn't correct, however, should be primary 2 at least and 1968. The reason I know this is because I was at Buckie primary 1 until October 1968. So this could even be 1969. Best wishes all the same
Added by D Fraser Cruickshank on 03 April 2012


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