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Summer trip
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Summer trip

Staff of James Gordon and Sons on a summer outing to the seaside (Aberdeen?). Is that a Scotty dog on the extreme left? Why do they always face away from the camera?

For an excellent video presentation showing the part that Gordon's has played in Alford life, copy and paste the link below into your web-browser to the You Tube item and comments displayed on the Grampian Life Website:
Picture added on 14 August 2008
Think this must have been the mid 50' my Mother (Barbara McWilliam) is in the photo & left 'Gordons' around then (as a dressmaker) to get married to Walter Paterson (Tough).
Added by Sheila Matheson (nee Paterson) on 07 November 2011
One of my old school friends, Lillian Duncan, her sister Christine and her Mum and Dad (Peter Duncan, Gordon's Hardware) are in the picture
Added by Elizabeth Johnstone (nee Watt) on 08 November 2011
That’s correct…Lil and Kirsty are my Aunties, my Granny (Jane) on second row right on her knees and Granda top row furthest right.
Added by Jackie Coull on 12 May 2023


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