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Thomson family at Easterbuchat
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Thomson family at Easterbuchat

Four generations of Thomsons at Easterbuchat, Glenbuchat.
Picture added on 04 October 2008
My grandfather was Charles Thomson (b. 1899) from Glenbuchat. He was either the youngest or 2nd youngest of 14 children, many of whom emigrated to Canada when he was young. He was a talented fiddler, taught by his schoolteacher. He married Barbara Riach and they set up home in the Highlands, finishing up in Alness, Ross-shire, in the 1970s. I wonder if the men in this photo are related to him - and me.
Added by James Thomson on 30 May 2012
There were a few different Thomson families in Glenbuchat i am still trying to connect my lot.What i did find from my line of Thomson's Peter Thomson married Jane Begg,one of their son's Robert (brother of my 3xgreat grandfather George) married Janet Williams, a son of theirs Peter Thomson born 1827 at Oldmill, Tarland moved with his wife and family to Belnaboth,Towie,at some point the family moved to Glenbuchat,2 of Peter's son's James and Harry were at Mains of Glenbuchat in 1911 with their families and their widowed mother Elizabeth Thomson(nee Ewen).Harry born 1870 died 1953 at Mains of Glenbuchat,he was married to Maggie Profeit,one of their sons William Thomson born 1915 married Jane Sinclair in 1946 (William died at Easterbuchat Cottage in 2004) They had a son William born in 1947 whom i believe tetired from the farm of Easterbuchat and went to live in Alford.
Another son of Harry Thomson and Maggie was James H Thomson born 1908 died 1987,he married Jane Massie,one of their sons Alan farmed Mains of Glenbuchat. I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHO THE 3 MALES COULD BE IF THIS IS THE SAME THOMSON'S. Good looking family!!!

The other line of Thomson's i have a distant connection to was at Belnaglack Farm with his wife and family in 1911 not sure if there is any connection.John Thomson(he was married to an Isabella Ingram who connects to me) born at Logie Coldstone IN 1869 to a John Thomson and Elizabeth McHardy have no more info on them.
James Thomson born 1867 at Tarland married Elsie Gordon i have no record of any family
Added by June Riddell on 14 September 2012
This is not a Thomson family photo as there were no Thomsons at Easterbuchat in 1930.I just wonder if the man holding the infant could be William Henderson and the man standing George Duncan? just a suggestion-any comment.?
Added by Willie(Bill).Thomson ex Easterbuchat on 20 December 2012
Thanks for clearing that up Willie, did think that it couldn't be your line going what info i had .I have no knowledge of the names you mentioned .Can you tell me what year your family went to Easterbuchat?Thanks.
Added by June Riddell on 03 January 2013
This is my grandfather:
I'm kind of disappointed the above pictured men might not be Thomsons. Funnily enough, they have very similar looks to my late grandfather, especially the rather fine chins!
I must visit the area and do a bit of research on my next road trip north!
Added by James Thomson on 26 February 2013


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