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Donside Garage, Alford
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Donside Garage, Alford

W A Lawson
Picture added on 19 September 2008
Didn't James Mcwilliam from Montgarrie run this garrage at some stage
Added by John Mcwilliam on 28 July 2011
Yes, he did and he was also our family's insurance man for the Coop Ins Co. Are you son or nephew of Sandy? He was in my class at Alford school
Added by Babs Beaton (nee Harper) on 30 July 2011
He was my father. He passed away 5th November 2011 age 70
Added by John McWilliam on 25 July 2012
date 1970 by the cars behind my father
Added by William Lawson on 15 January 2013


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