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Picture added on 16 September 2008
Think this must be later than 1940, possibly late 1940's, as my mother was born in 1931 and says the names she recognises were younger than her; one of the females was born in 1941, not wishing to give away a ladies age so I am not naming her.
Added by June Riddell on 09 October 2008
Thanks June, duly altered.
Added by Jim on 09 October 2008
I know two of the chldren on the second row were born in 1935 so my guess would be about 1947
Added by Hilda Brook on 07 October 2010
Ha! My Mum, Ethel Horne is there, Sadly passed away 2nd August 1993.
My Uncle Albert is there, sadly passed too.
Uncle Jimmy is there wow. what a photo!
Betty Horne Now Morgan could be in there also, Robin Horne too. The eldest and youngest in respect.. of the family!
I will send this to my Aunty Betty, see if she can shed more light on this!
Added by Susan Horne on 16 June 2013


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