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Cushnie House
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Cushnie House

Large mansion with French/Dutch stylistic influences.
Picture added on 18 August 2008
My great grandmother Geraldine, Lady King, owned this house plus a shoot of 2000 acres, spending summers there from the 1930s along with numerous children and grandchildren till she died in the 1940s.
Added by Teresa Stokes on 04 July 2012


Cushnie WeddingSandy Archibald brakin' metal at GlacksRough hewn rocks ready for Joe Riddell Snr at Drybrae Quarry, GlacksPC John Laing stationed at Huntly Police StationFarmworkers at Kirkton Farm, CushnieMains of CushnieEast Balnakelly, Cushnie.Confunderland from Wark FarmNewbraes, Cushnie