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Main Street Alford

Picture added on 07 August 2008
Great site, brings back childhood memories as I spent my school years at Alford school.
Added by Chris Ross on 24 April 2009
Very Interesting picture. I was brought up in Wellfield as the bakery was known by Willie Stewart and his housekeeper, k/a My Mum. I was war evacuee who just never returned to Glasgow!
Added by Eleanor McGregor (now Craighead) on 13 September 2009
My Dad (Alec Gray) was a baker at Wellfield and I well remember Eleanor's birthday parties at the house. I was always fascinated by the old fashioned gramophone with its enormous horn!
Added by Isobel Balfour on 18 September 2009
I remember your Dad very well, not bad considering I am now 70 (still working at Practice!). I dont have any photos of my Dad or bakers which would be interesting. If you have anything, perhaps you could email to me and yes, that horn was scary.
Added by Eleanor McGregor (now Craighead) on 21 September 2009
Does anyone remember my grandfather "Postie Mutch" He kept pigs @ th back of the bakery.
Added by Jean Gustavson (nee Mutch) on 28 May 2012


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