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Back L to R: ? Henderson, ?, ?, F.Brown, ?, M.Smith, S.Hilton

Middle L to R: D.Grant,?, M.Cowe, I.Gray, Joice ?, M.Patterson, E.McCombie, J.Black, R.McCarthy, C.Smith, Mrs Cowe

Front L to R: D.Shepherd, M.Piper, F.Smith, ?, ? Chapman, ? Mitchell, E.Christie
Picture added on 04 May 2009
Back row:- Girl between Freda Brown and Mary Smith is Eva McLennan
Centre row:- ( To the right of Isobel Gray ) Joyce Duncan, Marjorie Patterson,
Freda Linguard, June Patterson
Front row:- 5th & 6th from left are Sheena Chapman & Jean Mitchell,
Added by Forbes Watt on 04 June 2009
I think the girl in midlle row between D. Grant and M. Cowe is Susan Thom.
Added by Bill Smith on 19 July 2009
Thanks to Bill Smith for jogging my memory but that girl's name is actually Sandra Thom.
Looking at the back row, I believe the girl on the very left of that row could be June McCombie while the girl next but one to her right by Freda Brown is probably Anna Webster
Added by Forbes Watt on 23 July 2009


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