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Parade in Aberdeen?
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Parade in Aberdeen?

Unknown date and location, but that looks awfully like Union Street with the "Monkey House" in the distance on the LHS of the road. Notice the rather tall figure on horseback between the tramlines, obviously someone quite important? So who is it, what was the parade and is this Aberdeen?
Picture added on 16 April 2009
Having compared other photos of The Monkey House building, I am pretty sure that this photo is not of Union Street, Aberdeen.

The buildings in the foreground are also unlike those on the east side of Union Bridge.
Added by Brian Kennedy on 04 April 2010
Definitely not Aberdeen. As there are tramlines, choice is limited to Dundee, Glasgow or Edinburgh. Not knowing any of these places well enough I would not like to speculate on the location. It may even be a South of the border city !
Added by Mike Stephen on 26 July 2011
Knowing the original source and context of the originals from which I scanned this image, I would venture to suggest that it most certainly is not south of the border and is most likely to be Aberdeen (since all other photos in the same collection were clearly that).....but thanks for the opinion.
Added by Jim (Editor) on 26 July 2011

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