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Water Wheel at Craigievar
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Water Wheel at Craigievar

The water wheel, still working, on the site that was the Kemp Woollen mill at Craigievar.
Picture added on 10 April 2009
Can a current Kemp descendant advise what products were made at this mill from 1820's onwards? Also when did it cease & why?
Added by William Lawson on 20 April 2010
My family and myself believe that we may be descendants of this mill. One our family members has been researching our family history and it has led us to here. We do not know anything about the mill, but are coming to visit it next week. Would love to hear if you, William, have any more information on Kemp's in the area around that time.
Added by Scott Kemp on 24 July 2011
Hi Scott, I have the entire Kemp family tree starting with my great grandfather's mother's parents .Peter Kemp & Margaret Smith who resided at this site of the former Craigievar Woollen mill.The mill is not far from the Craigievar Castle and school. The current Rhodes family that live on the site are very friendly and the lady works at the Grampian transport Museum in Alford. Let me have your e mail address and grand parent details so I can find you in the family tree.
Added by William Lawson on 26 July 2011
I have a copy of our family tree and Peter Kemp and Margaret Smith are on it. If one of their children was named David Kemp then we may be related. My father is named James Kemp, his father was also James Kemp, his grand-father was William Kemp, his great-grand-father was David Kemp, who's father was Peter Kemp. My e-mail address is, it would be great to hear from you.
Added by Scott Kemp on 29 July 2011
This waterwheel was built by myself and installed on the site of the original wheel. The wheel is not a replica of the original as we had no information on it. I believe the original wooden wheel was an undershot one and the current one is slightly more efficient being 'breast shot'.
Added by Roy Armishaw on 01 August 2014


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