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Alford Depot ?
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Alford Depot ?

Angus McIntosh
Picture added on 21 August 2008
Think that would be the Lumphanan depot
Added by Alan Harper on 21 August 2008
Thanks Alan, it was Jean Duncan jnr who, I believe, originally identified it as Alford, but you may be right. Can anyone else confirm location?
Added by Jim on 21 August 2008
BP as used in the sense of British Petroleum only dates back to the 1980's. In the 1920's it was called Ango-Persian Oil Company (APIOC). They had however bought a small Swiss company with the logo BP - an abbreviation of Benzin und Paraffin! This was in turn used in a 1928 advert 'Motor "BP" Spirit' intending it to be interpreted as 'Best Possible'! Amusing perhaps, but no help with where the local depot might have been located.
Added by Stan Howe on 03 September 2008


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