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Baad Croft, Craigievar
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Baad Croft, Craigievar

Wedding of Mary Riach and John McCombie at Baad Croft. Photograph taken by Postie Lawson. See also photograph 870.
Picture added on 20 August 2008
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Postie Lawson
Postie Lawson was my Great grandfather's cousin. Both had exceptional skills in making things that worked. My G.grandfather & his son Alex built a sawmill in far Nth Qld at Mareeba. I have been to postie's place the Old School House and sighted his hydro power control box beside the stream. Can anyone identify some in the photo as some may be Lawsons.
Added by William Lawson on 10 April 2009
I can name some of them, Bill. Middle row 9th and 10th from the left are James Riach (note his sideburns) and Mary Lawson. Right behind the groom sitting down is Martha Milne Riach of the Montgarrie Post Office. The girls in the back row are James Riach's daughters as far along as the man with the bowler. The man on the left holding the baby is the bride's father Charles Riach. His wife Mary Still is on his right. The other man holding a baby is the grooms' father John McCombie. His wife was dead by then and so isn't there. The best man A McCombie is sitting beside Martha Riach and is wearing a top hat. The rest will have to wait until I get some help with their names.
Added by Fatjock on 10 April 2009
Would the man on the right of the photograph holding a "Coronet", and probably a member of the band possibly be Sandy Taylor of "Ladymill". He would have been 27 years in 1899.
Added by W.Colin McAllan on 13 May 2015

Postie Lawson

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