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The Mossat Shop
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The Mossat Shop

Apparently a bit of a rural Cocky Hunter's!
Picture added on 13 August 2008
Turn right, then left past Alford,
Drive on 5 miles then stop.
The crowds of folk will tell you that you're at the Mossatt Shop.

Good old Copy Doug's (scuse me if that's not how it's spelt). There wasn't a commodity on the planet that couldn't be bought there. And as for the ice-cream parlour? ?=)
Added by Andy Ewen on 26 May 2011
I attended Kildrummy School, and at lunchtime we used to run down to the Mossat Shop to buy an icecream.
Added by Alison Cornish(nee Beattie) on 03 December 2011
Doug Anderson,proprietor of the above, was known as "Co-opie Doug" due to his connections with the Co-operative Society.As for the icecream,wis it nae the young serving quines fae Lumsden and Rhynie that were the attraction?
Added by Gordon Wackett on 06 January 2012
This was my grandad's shop I hear it was a great draw, have more pics at home.
Added by Pete Anderson on 07 May 2012
I wis ane o the young serving quinies fae Rhynie, along with other girls and boys from Lumsden, Kildrummy, Alford and Strathdon. Many happy times.
Added by Mandy Taylor on 03 July 2012
I used to work at this shop circa 1973 - 1978 as a school boy, loved it, met loads of folk and ad great laughs with all the staff.
Added by Brian Smith on 13 July 2012


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