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Tonley House
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Tonley House

Picture added on 18 August 2008
Now in ruin (2008). See and discussion quoting McConnochie (1900).
Added by Stan Howe on 03 September 2008
Enchanted to see this and the accompanying photographs of the present day ruins of Tonley, which I had assumed to be levelled. The house was last owned by my father`s cousin, Julian Nicol Smith. It burnt down in a storm in the winter 0f 1952/3, and hence was not allowed to go derelict as inferred in the official history (see other references). As a child I recall with what fascination I heard my father tell of the fire and of the destruction of Tonley. My father had been offered a wing of the house to live in but he had declined because of the time and cost of travelling to his business in Aberdeen. In the circumstances a wise decision!
Nevertheless it is wonderful that such archives are now available on line. It has manifested real images in what was, to me, an only imaginary memory.
Added by Peter G Gordon-Smith on 01 March 2011
I think the photograph of Tonley is a fantastic image.It is such a tragedy that it is in ruins. I wish I had the capital to restore it to its glory as it was in the 1920's. In the photograph the flag is flying but oh to see the Moir Crest once again.
Added by Kenneth Moir of the de la More. on 09 March 2012
Though only 8 years old at the time of the fire I can still recall the event vividly. It started about mid afternoon. A day of gale force winds and driving snow. It really was a magnificent house and setting in its day.
Added by Gordon Tough on 11 July 2015


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