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Whitehouse Shop and PO

A suggested identity for the figure fifth from right is Mr Davidson with his wife on his right (our left).
Picture added on 18 August 2008
In the middle car is Stewart Davidson, in front of main door is John Davidson (proprietor of Whitehouse P.O. ), by his right his second wife Anne Hunter, to his left their daughters Kirsty (Johnston) and Jean (Reid) & son in right car is Duncan.Far right is the maid Joanne (surname unknown).
Photo is not from 1909 probably early 1920s since Jean born 20.5.08.
Added by Robert Davidson g.grandson of John on 06 January 2009
Many thanks Robert, photograph caption duly altered. I would be interested to hear any recollections of Whitehouse you may have.
Added by Jim on 06 January 2009
Jim, I have photos of Whitehouse PO & shop from 1890, 1920s as above but with characters in different positions, and 1950s. Also one of Frank Ogston & Duncan Davidson with delivery cart.How do I get these photos & others into the collection? I live Cowra NSW Australia but still have some 2nd, 3rd cousins etc living around Aberdeenshire area.
Added by Robert Davidson g.grandson of John on 07 January 2009
Those photographs sound to be of great interest Robert, not least because I am currently researching a number of aspects of the history of Whitehouse. You can send photographs directly to me at the email address you will find on the home page. If you send the untouched image I can retouch and rescale to a size suitable for the website. I'm sure that the Alford Heritage Centre will also be very grateful for any images you can send since most of their collection of photographs has now been digitised and yours could be a valuable addition to that collection.
Added by Jim on 07 January 2009
The middle car looks like an Arrol-Johnston (Scottish made) which John Davidson bought in June 1923 so that may more accurately date the photo. He did not have three vehicles until Jan.1921.
Added by Rob Davidson on 08 January 2009
I'm researching my wife's maternal links - her great grandmother was Jessie Davidson (later Burnett) who in 1871 was a 21 year old General Domestic Servant at the Mains of Whitehouse - is this linked to Whitehouse? She had been born in Tough around 1850.
Added by Keith Bowen on 28 June 2013


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