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Picture added on 23 April 2009
Back Row:Miss Mary Stonach (teacher),John Wylie?,Gordon Kiloh,Jane Moir,David Kiloh, Graham Shanks. Third row - James Hepburn,John Hay, James Thain,Sandy Wilson, ?, Gordon Innes,William Ellis, George Wink. Second row - Annie Wilson, George Shanks, Mary Hay, George Moir, Jennifer Dugiud?,James Reaper, Nicola Dugiud, George Hay. Front Row - Michael Neish,Ian Ellis, ? Barrack, Alistair Duguid
Added by Bill Neish on 22 October 2009
Top marks to Bill Neish.

You are right about John Wylie, the cheel next to Sandy Wilson is Charlie Kiloh.

The missing first name in the first row is Bessie Barrack.

Ah dinny ken aboot the Dugiud quines.

Added by Jimmy Thain on 10 November 2009
Bill Neish are you any relation to Barbara McWilliam (nee Neish) who married James McWilliam and lived in Montgarrie from the late 1920's until 1980's ?
Added by John McWilliam on 02 December 2009
Barbara McWilliam, of Craig-y-don, Montgarrie, was my aunt.
Added by Bill Neish on 02 December 2009
Barbara McWilliam of Craig-y-don was my Grand Mother. I think that would make us 2nd cousins.My Father was Sandy McWilliam.
Added by John McWilliam on 12 December 2009
on the back row its sandy killoh not david
Added by Gordon Killoh on 28 June 2012
Nicola & Jennifer Duguid moved to Montgarrie . Nicola mairrit Bruce Milne an Alford loon ( His dad Jock had the paper shop ) and Jennifer mairrit Davy Duncan fae Hillocks,keig
Added by Jean Duncan Bannerman on 19 September 2012


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